Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tort Lawyers Score Big-Time

This information was written seven weeks ago. Now that we have a Democrat left leaning government dominating all of Washington, D.C., the tort bar was kicking back and and "tossing off" shots of $125 shots of King Louie in celebration.
By early September, the tort bar had already donated $108 million to the Democrat candidates in key elections. Here are some examples why:

Welcomed by many plaintiff's was the news that tort lawyers are making a big comeback.
Michigan's lawmakers propose repealing safeguards for prescription drug providers.
Maryland wants to revoke medical liability reforms.
Florida entertained the nullification of its joint and several liability reforms.
Colorado's Democrat governor signed a law increasing previous limits on noneconomic damages.
Alabama, last year saw legislation that would allow a tort claim to continue even after the claimant had died.
California proposed authorizing lawsuits for ANY violation of privacy.
New Mexico and New Jersey passed laws authorizing citizens to file "false claims" suits on behalf of the state-in effect turning private individuals into state bounty hunters.
Illinois, Colorado, Washington and Texas considered proposals to increase the size of the awards plaintiffs could claim, and with it attorney's contingency fees.
The tort bar across the country pushed bills to expand "consumer protection" damages and at least three states to allow plaintiffs to claim damages for "emotional harm" when their pets are injured.
In Maryland and Oregon, lawyers successfully shepherded new laws to extend the time in which plaintiffs could file lawsuits.

Expect a lot more lawsuits filed by "people" finding mice tails in their noodle soup, Starbuck coffee burns on their private parts acquired while driving, text messaging, and arguing with their spouse. And lawsuits claiming whiplash suffered from running over a bicyclist or rear-ending a motorcyclist..

I know now I should have never been just a pencil and paper salesman.

We are going to get change, allright. Count on it.

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