Thursday, November 06, 2008

Socialist Government - Stock Market Down Almost 5%

The stock market welcomed "Obama change" in a big way. Down 9% in last two days. I believe we face the next four years as the most disastrous in the history of our country.

If people had paid attention to something more than a words from a polished demagogue orator, they should have seen it coming. Realize that the Democrats have been in control in Congress since 2006. And now they have complete control with the exception of the Republicans being able to mount a filibuster.

And Jehan Gordon being fondly welcomed by George and Dave (today's JS)to an already disastrous situation in Springfield. Shades of Braun-Mosley or Mosley Braun.

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Knight in Dragonland said...

Or ... the markets could be reacting to the crappy spending and jobs data that was released today. Does it make you feel better to blame all the evil in the world on Obama?