Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Staying Home Tonight

Thanks, Darin, Joan and Aaron, for inviting me to your victory celebrations tonight. I believe you will win your important posts tonight. But I'm going to stay home and watch the results coming in and listening to the political pundits. I'll stay up late if your races are still open and knock out a blog or two. I'll be praying that I am wrong in predicting a win for Obama.

Good luck and if you are elected, pay attention to recent Republican history. There is a lot to learn but most of it is simple; stay in touch with the common people and don't spend more than you take in.

Judge Ellen Huvelle also said, "So much of what happened in Washington,(and Springfield, I'll add) stretches the envelope, skirts the spirit of the law and lives in loopholes". To Aaron, I'll add, Aaron, before you scratch someone elses back to get them to scratch your back, make sure of what you are supporting. Support earmarks that are considered "community priorities that benefit all the people, not just what your financial supporters think is good for all the rest of us".


Billy Dennis said...

You didn't miss much Merle. The only GOP person who won was Schock. How in the world Peoria voters could decide that Jehan Gordon was a better candidate than Joan Krupa is beyond me. The same goes for Kevin Lyons vrs. Darin LaHood.

Merle Widmer said...


Probably best I not say why Darin and Joan lost, but an incumbent is hard to beat in Darin's case.

Many people that voted do not read. What they saw on television were basicly attack ads.

Gordon and supporters went door to door.

Gordon did the most ugly and lying campaign. I'll follow her career closely.

Also Gordon is young, black, female and a Democrat. She rode partially on the back of Obama who brought out record black and young people, many who never voted in their lives. Also a lot of Republicans sat out this election.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Joan Krupa did go to door to door. She walked all over the district. She is a class act. I'm very surprised she lost , she really cares about all people in every walk of life . I not supported her , i voted and i hurt when she didn't make it . The botton line it was a democratic yr and we the people of the 92nd. distrcit lost.