Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Market Boost

Caterpillar, Deere and Archer-Daniels all rose more than $3 a share as the overall market jumped over 300 points. It was many an analyst prediction that the rapid descent of the marker in the past few weeks was based on an Obama win. I wouldn't predict what the market will do after Obama's win tonight. It could continue upward, buyers hoping that Obama will be persuaded by his handlers that tax increases would not be a good idea right now. Also, his position of spending more federal dollars on infrastructure and alternate fuels, the market may continue to gain back more of it's ridiculous panic based losses.

Much will depend on what Obama says the day or two AFTER his victory speech.

I am prepared for an all Democrat administration. The thought of some of the people who will be gloating tonight or tomorrow, is repulsive to me, Pelosi, Dodd, Reed, Rangel, Waters; politicians who helped put us in the sub-prime mess, Ayers; let's just say "all the radical left". Then there is Rashid Khalidi, Chavez, the Castro brothers, what's his name from Iran, the Saudi monarchy, ACORN leadership, the Tort Bar, Farrakand, and one of the absolute worst, George Soros.

And the radical environmentals will shift into overdrive to protect the "tree frogs".
I can't overlook the liberal left media who crowned the "Messiah" early and ridiculed McCain for his age and Palin as just a cheerleing housewife.

And 85% of Hollywood, all the jealous feminists, the hierarchy of all the teachers' union, Al Gore and John Kerry, most all the professors at the University of Chicago and Harvard, all the terrorists and that terrorist caveman; Usama Bin Laden.

The Republicans can look back at why they fell so far out of favor. And my advice to my Republican friends? Be realistic in your assessments.

Something good has always come out of a change of a political regime. But as federal Judge Ellen Huvelle said as she sentenced Jack Abramoff with an additional 48 months, more than prosecutors had recommended, that was the good, now the bad, "The true victims are members of the public who lost their trust in government".

Not that anybody cares, but I bought 10M more shares in an alternate energy company today. Up $.40. We will see.

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