Monday, November 17, 2008

Naked Women and STD's

"Word on the Street" quoted Al Zuccarini, owner of one of downtown Peoria's bsst tourist draw. "It amazes me a lot of the time...I didn't know I was the cause of gonorrhea and chlamydia" in reference to "Hachett" Sandra Fritz, an active member of Citizens for Community Values,Inc., when 62% of Peorians endorsed an advisory referendum banning full nudity in adult cabaret and strip clubs.

I suspect that 60% of the voters were not aware of that the Supreme Court decision in Erie vs. Pap's provided nude dancing constitutional protection under the First Amendment in 2000. (Peoria Observor, "Peoria passed poor ordinance", dated 10/23/03). The editorial reads "Trampling on the First Amendment is much more dangerous than a non-stop line of strip clubs and adult bookstores,etc",. The Peoria Council tried, failed, and cost the taxpayers a lot of money.

The Peoria County Board, myself included in the majority vote, voted to accept Fantasyland strip club with some restrictions they agreed to such as signage and windows. The majority of us wanted to avoid a massive lawsuit we would have lost.

Ask the County Sheriff how many problems the County has had at that location. Next to none last time I asked the sheriff.

At the time a Charlie Griffin of Morton wrote a LTTE saying Mrs. Fritz had lived in 11 other cities before landing in Peoria. Mr. Griffin said he was from San Diego and had now lived in Peoria three times as long as Mrs. Fritz and had seen a lot of problems in Peoria more important than worrying about the adult entertainment business. He invited Mrs. Fritz if she didn't like it here to leave it.


I suggest Mrs. Fritz in her "sexual crusade about STD's" spreading in strip clubs to look where the real source is. Why right here in our local middle and high schools! Who would have "thunk" that, Mrs. Fritz?

On 11/02/07 I blogged, "Adult Kids?" quoting an Associated Press article dated 2/27/04 in the WSJ stating that "teenagers and young adults account for more than half of the newly diagnosed cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. despite the fact that they constitute only A QUARTER OF THE SEXUALLY ACTIVE POPULATION.

On 10/19/07, the JS reported that a police officer gave alcohol to a teen ageer who was later pulled over for a DUI.

Mrs.Fritz is fighting a losing battle in the wrong places for the wrong causes. Maybe she can find out why the Community Builders in this community have been pretty much an ABJECT failure except to line some individuals pockets. Maybe she can tell me why the Boys and Girls Club Administration and Board continues to advertise that the Grinnel Stree location is still open when it has been closed since May 1 of 2007? Hmmm.

I suggest Mrs. Fritz can visit a strip club someday and I'll ask her to show me where the stippers are having "communicable sexual activity" with their customers.
Bet trade would pick up rapidly. For a short while.

Maybe try tackling internet porn that kids, their friends,girl friends and boy friends, and sometimes their dads are watching. That MAY help prevent the spreading of STD's, not attacking strip clubs where sexual intercourse is banned.

If Mrs. Fritz visits these strip clubs and caberets (certainly Big Al's) and finds sexual intercourse going on she can bring in the law.

That's legal.

P.S. Lucas D. Herr, of Mackinaw, also wrote a LTTE titled "Moralists Shun Democracy", and suggested, "It is in fact a fascist point of view and should be kept in their churches that moralists should keep trying to tell individuals how, where and when to be moral".


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Merle Widmer said...

So all women who at one time or another worked in strip clubs. That makes some of the most prominent wifes in greater peoria whores.

So of course we have a growing Muslim and Muslim like base in the area. In 10 years, expcet to see more "gunny sack" wearers in the malls and grocery stores.

Oh boy, how moral can one be!