Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Auto Industry Bailouts?

Only with about 10 criteria wrapped up in one statement: A drastic change in top management and restructuring of all salaries, bonuses, and personal and family "goodies". Start with top management.

The bailout plan would be "pay as you go" plan. Make fast, drastic changes and pay-out bailout money as the changes are made.

This new management would be required to break the stranglehold the unions have on the economy and once again have union leaders working hand in hand with new top management for the general good of the company and the public.

A lot of "blood" on the streets from management, employees and unions, dependents retirees and stockholders. Better than a depression worse than the 30's. Why worse than the 30's? Because back then people knew how to "really" work and the unions didn't control the public sector and all "old traditional school" industries like GM.

Some forward progress would be the no longer need for casino's, billion dollar sports complexes, Hollywood "characters" brought back to earth from "lolly-lolly land", Hispanic illegals and other illegals would return to their homelands to rebuild their own countries, Hollywood mansions would be turned into drug rehabilitation and retraining centers and low danger prisoners would be used to rebuild our bridges and ailing infrastructures.

Allow visas only on the need of special skilled people. It is time for other countries to take in most of the oppressed. Don't they feel guilt for the messes they too, have contributed to in the world, especially in parts of Africa?

Let the radical environmentalist rant and rave. Listen to the real environmentalists for a change. Forget affirmative action, multiculturalism, color, gender and race in most decisions. Over-emphasis of these distractions are hindrances in the natural involvement of the human race. Reward the culture of a person giving high preference to responsibility and attitude.

Tear down our obstructionist tariff barriers. Enter into trade agreements with countries like Columbia who do like us and need us. We would have less need of imports, especially toys and tainted food from China. We have nearly enough innovation and natural resources to be self sufficient. (think nuclear energy, clean coal, oil shale and off shore drilling)

Over say 10 years, the country will be better off. If some country thinks we are weak enough to be invaded, we could put Wall Street icons, financial, brokerages and Freddie Mac "talent", Congressional members, overpaid professional athletes, all could be used to fight on the back and front lines and prove their leadership or jump to the other side (many please do if it happens).

A lot of people suffering? Not as many as in parts of Iraq, Afghanistan and much of Africa. Sorry for many of us but not the ones who are capable of putting in full days of "real" work. And especially no sorrow for the ones that got us in this mess.


Merle Widmer said...

We seem pretty smug here in Peoria. Whatever is going on in the world will not involve us. Want to bet? Better yet, turn our stations to some channel rather than comedy, sitcoms, sports, and MSNBC or CNN.

Or wait and see. More bad news will be arriving sooner than many of us think. Ignore it and it won't happen or it will go away.

Sorry, that's not the way the world works.

Some analysts are predicting Cat stock at $30 a share,(closed around $36 today, down from a high of around $85 a share). GateHouse Media is in deep doo-doo and the JS contents are slipping in quality. Corporate 4th quarter statements due after the middle of January are predicted to be the worst in recent history.

I hope I am wrong. No, I pray that I am wrong.

ep blondie said...

Unfortunately, you're not wrong. Cat was creative with the word "realignment" in their recent press releases. Just talk to any of the employees in sales and marketing...gonna be a lot of people enjoying a lot of days off!

Mazr said...

"overpaid professional athletes".....interesting way to put it. Are the athletes "overpaying" themselves? Nope. Blame the owners.

Funny you should mention Hollywood. You would think that with the amount of money they make that the last person they would vote for would be Obama. Strange.

Any idea why the current administration isn't on board for this auto bailout? What's the quickest way to break a union? Maybe bankruptcy. Funny how they run to the trough for the Wall Street people.

Merle Widmer said...


Yes, and the people who pay ridicuous amounts to see the overpaid players paid by overpaid owners who have become wealthy one way or another, often through inheritance and have the money to involve themselves in ego games.

Hollywood, like George Soros, has a lot of money ususally made in a hurry. If they are good looking and obsesed with their looks, they are usually clueless as to "cause and effect" in the world. They become obessed with themselves, their designer drugs and endless rounds of sex and partners, so they too are feeling guilty and will give to most any cause when requested to give and to have their names used. More publicity for their "fans" who are the mainly the young and impressionable, sometimes bored housewives looking for "fantasy excitement" or the young who are looking for radical causes and believe they have a new way to change the world. In the elite and left leaning colleges, they are hammered on to be socialistic by a majority of left leaning professors who couldn't hold a job in real life but think they have all the answers.

Those are the dreamers who support the left leaning Democrats and a handfull of left leaning Republicans.

One retired, thank goodness, ICC teacher told me the stock market and the economy were no way connected. No wonder so many kids come out of college with their minds messed up.

As to the Big Three. The union is running to the trough just as fast as the owners. Read the wekend edition of the WSJ under the title of "just Say no to Detroit".

I agree. If uou lose your job and have abilities and are capable, you will find work elsewhere.

I did.

Don't overlook the guilt factor. A strong force in spreading the wealth. "Compassionate" is often disguised as guilt.