Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Issues Debate Tonight?

Too bad that the economy is collapsing after 21 months of dominance by the Democrats in Congress. Most of the blame is being placed on the Republicans who rightly deserve a good portion.

Voters are asking that we select our new president on where they stand on issues. We are gullible to believe promises made by candidates who know at the time they make their claims, they do not have the "crystal ball" to tell them whether or not they can fulfill these promises. For example, McCain says we would clean up Wall Street. Sure, WS needs a lot of cleaning up but that cleaning up will result in the actions of 544, not one person.

This country would not be a viable entity without Wall Street, a Congress and Executive Branch.

I am tired as most of you are about what each candidate "promises to do once elected? It is "I will" and "I will" over and over again and that is part of the problem. It is seldom "we will" and that is part of the solution.

Who these candidates ARE is more important to this election or any election.

I believe I know McCain for the flawed person he is. But he is an acceptable candidate. If I had a choice in picking him to lead the country, I would not. However, the 2nd choice is not acceptable to me by the extent of my research. This man meets all the criteria of a charismatic demagogue.

Read history and see what happens to countries who make decisions made on promises instead of decisions made on a study of the history of the candidate. Who does the candidate associate with? Who are the candidates mentors? What is the candidates record in governing to this day? What is the candidates record in defending our country and it's entire citizenry? Debating issues is of no value unless you know the candidate.

Do we? Or do we want change for the sake of change? Think through your emotions before you vote. This election may be the most important one in your lifetime.

Many bet that the risky stock market was the place to put your money. For most it has been the wrong place if you left your money with stocks like Caterpillar, John Deere and Archer Daniels, all of which has lost half their paper values this year. But you had a chance to sell and get out. Elect Obama and he turns out to be the man I believe he really is, we can't get out for FOUR years.

You are being told to take a chance on electing a man who presents a greater risk to the stability of a great nation; perhaps the most important vote in your lifetime.

I don't believe I know Obama at all except for his words. His background is extremely clouded. Can we really elect this man on his record and his charm and our "white" guilt? I can say what is on many Obama supporters mind. I never said this would be a "politically correct" blog site.

Unfortunately, the economy will dictate who wins this election, not the person. The fact that we are gradually having great successes in Iraq, is now of no value to McCain who strongly supported the change of direction of our administration and most of our military and civilian leaders.

Not Obama who would have all our troops out by now with the result of a MidEast in chaos.

Obama says he will reduce taxes for 95% of middle class income people. How can he back that promise up while his new proposals of government spending add up to about one trillion dollars? He placates the big farmer when he says he supports the ethanol subsidies.

McCain says he doesn't support ethanol subsidies. I agree and support my reasons on my blog dated 8/17/06, titled "Subsidies". My opinion hasn't changed but if I was a farmer, of course, i would accept the largess of the government. That's part of the problem, everybody has their hand out just like those who want America to become a Socialist country. In a recent poll, 14% are in favor of more taxes and bigger government.

Wouldn't it be great to someday have a major politician who didn't have to be politically correct? We have a far better chance with McCain who has always said he is a one term man.

Please give him a chance to prove it.

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