Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sally Wade from Galeburg

Today's "letter to the Editors" in the JS is by an apparent "feminist" who believes that Governor Palin should succeed but not by becoming a man. Governor Palin doesn't look, act or talk like a man to me and my friends. (Penis envy must be a terrible thing to some women) She says this is not a good time for Palin to "abandon" her Alaskan nest. What did you cook for supper for me and the kids tonight, mom?

She says "what happens if a hockey mom goes off to Washington"? She begrudgingly admits that Mrs. Palin is a former mayor and present Governor of the largest land mass State of the 50 states in our union, not 57 as one Democrat candidate for president once confused with "57" Islamic States. I suspect it will be a tremendous experience for Vice-President Palin and all her family.

As a feminist, Ms. Wade is a pusher of women's rights yet she evidently believes women should stay at home until their kids have flown the coop.

Bet Ms. Wade still regularly reads "Little House on the Prairie". That books describes what life was like to women in years past. Mrs. Palin and her type of "feminist" is most women's window of opportunity TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE.


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