Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bob Hoerr from E. Peoria Tells It Like It Sometimes Is

Bob says, in a "Letter to the Editors" in today's JS, "Having personal core beliefs and values does not guarantee that your children, possessed of free will and human imperfections are always going to march along in lockstep. It doesn't even guarantee that we will ourselves. All of us fall short of our own as well as God's expectations at times."

Mr. Hoerr tells a story not uncommon for many people that we err along life's way. That doesn't make Bristol Palin and her family bad people as the liberal left and the far right would like to paint the Palin's and others they envy. They attack the success of Sarah Palin and want to take it out on Sarah and her family with vicious slander the likes I have never seen in my lifetime.

All to take the searchlight away from Barack Obama's interesting and shady factual connections with his past.

All of us have personal beliefs. We do not debate ones personal beliefs unless they are presented as falsehoods and slander. Being STILL, and I say still, "a Christian country, it is classic Christianity to hate the sin and love the sinner", says Mr. Hoerr and I agree.

It is very difficult for me to love some of the vicious slanders and half-truth sayers" so I will accept my weakness and tell the reader how I really feel.

I hate them and wish they were not part of this country I love.

Sorry, Mr. Hoerr, I can't always live up to your personal beliefs. Many of us really appreciate your expressions and admire you for writing a sensible letter of which not enough appear in the JS these days. Many letters are opinions based on half-truths or no truth, just slander.

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