Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Left Wing Liberal Columnist E. J. Dionne

Dionne is accusing the GOP of covering up Sarah Palin, the most sensible breath of fresh air to emerge from the Republican hinterlands in many a year. No, Mr. Dionne, no, the McCain camp is keeping wolves like you from attempting to tear her apart limb by limb. You and your ilk have found little fault with Obama and try to divert this fairness flaw into an attack on the first woman to ever be nominated to Vice-President of the United States of America. Your ilk has done little challenging of the history of Obama nor have you been able to decipher exactly what he means by "change".

Obama's experience in actually participating in the scheduled legislative sessions in Springfield amount to less than 150 days. Why aren't you talking about that? How many bills did he actually present and how many became law You no the answer; none.

Why aren't you interviewing O'bama's relationships while he was a "community organizer" ( translation; kill the rich and redistribute their wealth) with the indicted, prison term serving Acorn Group? Or his relationship with Chicago boss and probable thug John Stroger, convicted crook Tony Retzko and Weatherman bomber William Ayers?

Dionne says McCain is "cloistering" her. Yes, I'm sure your ilk would like to put her in a nunnery because of your fear and the Obama camp's fear is that she might actually bring some persuasive common sense to Washington where I read and hear that the corrupt Marion Barry will soon be reelected by a "hands out" constituency.

The fox may have invaded the "chicken" coop where all you left-wingers, socialists and populists are frantically squawking.

This time I'm on the side of the fox.

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AdamB said...

You don't remember Ferraro? Do your homework.