Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Journal Star - More Goofs

I know money's tight at Gateway and we JS readers are paying the penalty. I have seen so many goofs on "Bridge Page" that I couldn't let today's go without commenting. "West led the Jack of clubs. West didn't hold the jack of clubs. South next took the Q-A of diamonds. South held no diamonds and north held the King and Queen. South led a trump to his queen. Problem is North didn't have the queen of trumps.

I have seen more goofs, more poor use of the English language which seems to show the downhill slope the journal is descending.

The JS recently combined a local weather report with a performance by the Rockettes without even saying in this pictorial article why the Rockettes were in town and how long they would be performing.

The cartoons on the editorial page are often in such bad taste I might imagine reading the drool of Michael Moore or Bill Maher. Cartoons showing our enlisted men as thugs? Did the cartoonist ever visit this prison to see first hand what he was deriding? If not, I would call this cartoonist a traitor to our country and the JSEB a willing shill.

Bad taste? The headline of "Phil Fisher found outside courthouse, where he worked as a sergeant". What journalist with more than a high school degree could have composed this insulting statement? And where was the JS proofreader or do they have any?

I never took Class One in journalism and don't pretend to be a journalist. I do try to present the facts and few challenge what facts I do present. As long as the challenge is civil, I will answer in a civil manner.

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Merle Widmer said...

Today's carton in the JS is another attempt by the far left to belittle Palin. I suspect she is more of a woman than the "caroonist" could handle. She is the type of woman NOW and their jealous lesbians and "feminists" and chauvinist men can accept.

You better bet we need to drill. All alternate fuels combined will barely keep up with the demand for more oil not just for vehicles but for the hundreds of other use made of oil.

There wll always be a demand for oil especially as the supply shrinks. Those of you who can see no need for any oil in our distant future don't want facts to get in the way of your blindness.