Monday, September 08, 2008

Jonah Goldberg -Thank Goodness

Jonah tells the story; radical liberalist Gene Robinson tells "stories". What a relief to see an occasional article by Jonah on the editorial page of the JS. Columist Gene Robinson,who appears regularly in the JS bleeds hatred for whites as newscdaster Keith Olbermann bleeds hatred for the Republicans period. If Olbermann had been born an adult in the Third Reich, it is my belief he would have been a leading propagandist for the fascist regime.

Goldberg is a fresh breath. He describes the liberal press "scattering like cockroaches when a light comes on when McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate. Grizzly bears attack when startled and when caught napping by big news, the press core floods the zone. Editors scream at underlings who missed the story. Networks fret they'll be scooped and norms and standards become blurred in the race to be first. They vaulted over every principle and standards they established about what is fair game and what isn't. It required the Jaws of Life to pry the story of John Edwards fall from sainthood from the left leaning press".

As for Palin, "they wouldn't have done the same if she were a Democrat because the press's first reflex is to assume the worst of the Republicans. The National Organization for Women shrilled, "She's more a conservative man than she is a woman on woman's issues". NOW always defines womanhood by a woman's commitment to left-wing feminist dogma. If you're pro-life, or even just a Republican,you're not a REAL woman, you're suffering from some sort of pernicious gender confusion". Jonah concludes "how long before the Palin-bashers insist she needs shock therapy. For her own good, of course".

Jonah tells it like it is. He is my favorite columnist in the JS. He offsets the bashing of middle and upper class white people by the liberal ilk of Gene Robinson, Leonard Pitts, and locals Pam Adams and Terry Bibo.

And some of the vile spewing, liberal "Letter to the Editors", chatterers.

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