Monday, February 04, 2008

Vote Tomorrow

I'll vote for John McCain with all his warts as the best chance against Obama with all all his charm and his populist views.

I can't say how I'm voting for Congress because I don't know at this time. Aaron wants to increase the use of ethanol to up to 20% of the fuel we use in our vehicles and that is fine if he said he would cut most of the subsidies out of the farm bill and lower the tariff to allow more import of ethanol from Brazil. (I feel he is pandering for the farm vote). Less subsidizing would lower prices of corn and soybean products to the consumers on dozens of products, from meat to cereals. Planting the same soil destructive crops on the same land year after year after year will wear out the topsoil someday no matter what the "experts" say. Less subsidies to the farmers for corn and beans would force the use of cheap alternates like sugarcane, switchgrass, wood chips, etc., and let every body else become more innovative.

We have more than 100 years of natural resources in and off shore the 50 states if the radical environmentalists and the Bureau of Land Control were not Pollyanna's. One hundred years would be plenty of time to develop alternate energies including nuclear energy which is cleaner and probaly cheaper than any fuel being used widely today. (Go to the library and check out "Power to Save the World" - the truth about nuclear energy, by Gwyneth Cravens).

John wants to round up all illegal immigrants and ship them back and is 100% against any type of abortion. Both stands defy reality. He says he is always on the side of the taxpayers but his voting record shows that is not always correct. John is a hearty fellow, well met.

Jim is certainly pro-business and certainly a likeable guy, but there is more to the job than just being a strong pro-business person with a nice wife and a good looking family. All appear to be good "family" men but we we are electing only the person on the ballot. Aaron is single but is only 26 and he has been a very busy young man. I did not marry until I was 26 and my wife did not marry until she was 32, so what are some people trying to say?

No complaints to me on Ms.Ingersoll and I believe Carol is hardworking and honest. Talk has been around for a while to eliminate the Auditor position but believe that can only be done some day by referendum. We'll see how the new County Financial Officer works out over the next couple of years. For Aaron's position, I'll be supporting Mrs. Krupa in November.

I'll vote for one of the three Washington, D.C. candidates tomorrow; I congratulate them all for running strong campaigns. I'll also support the winner and would have no problem supporting Romney but at this time I am looking for Republicans (with all their flaws) to win in November.

Still can't get my spell-check to work so sorry if you find more grammatical errors.

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