Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mike Tune - Annandale, Va. 2/06/08

In a letter to the editors of the WSJ today, Mr. Tune is asking Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama for more details on their recent WSJ columns; "My Plan for Shared Prosperity" and "The Obama Opportunity". Mr. Tune wants to know what programs exactly and where is the money coming from? Hillary wants "an aggressive plan to lower-health costs and coverage for all Americans and a $1000 tax cut for all tax payinng Americans, solve the homeless problem, raise the minimum wage and rebuild New Orleans,"(in the same undersea level spaces?) just to name a few costly projects.

Mr. Obama wants to give every child a world-class education from early childhood through college, end our addition on oil and end the war in Iraq.

Neither one tells us how we are going to accomplish these things, how they will be paid for and if everyone has a college degree and everybody is middle class who will be the "blue collar" workers? (I'll give you a clue, illegal immigrants.)

Mr. Tune continues "Let us not be fooled. The candidates thus far have nothing substantial to offer us. The problems we face are huge, and the candidates not only seem to have no clue, but no real plan". Mr. Tune wants leaders who will plainly and forcibly say "This is what we ought to do, so this is what we are going to do, and this is how we are going to get it done. It's a greater shame that we lack the intellectual and moral fortidude to vote for such a plain-speaking person.

We are about to get the government we deserve."

Time for a change, these candidates say. From what? A capitalistic, free trade, entrepenurial type government to a one that subsidizes (watch what you are promising, Aaron) us into Socialism? Leadership that believes the government can do it better like like Cuba and Venezuela to name a few?

Well written, Mr. Tune

Better be looking at past records and listening and reading carefully. We are about to get change, allright.


Anonymous said...

What kills me about Clinton's plan is that it FORCES one to get healthcare even if you can't afford it. If you sign up for it you are then penalized monetarily. Of course, these socialists will go after free enterprise to pay additionally or else.

I can see down the road with an American socialized healthcare system the day when they ask you how often you eat hamburgers or pizza. If it is more than your chart shows acceptable, you are then told to reduce that intake or pay penalities every time your blood analysis doesn't meet the government criteria for one with your chart.

No wonder they can't/don't give particulars on their plans.

Anonymous said...

"If you sign up for it you are then penalized monetarily."

Should read --- If you (don't)sign up for it you are then penalized monetarily.