Friday, November 02, 2007

Ray LaHood Revisited

One thing anyone in public office or running for office should learn is to answer questions as generically as possible when talking to known dunderhead reporters such as Phil Luciano of the JS.

Luciano calls LaHood “Lord Ray” for taking his time to hand out money to three capable brave citizens running for office. Luciano also says he came up with a novel idea in which politicians should just donate their money to charity in the name of the candidate. Luciano says it makes good sense. I suspect that LaHood didn’t want to say “not a good idea” because then some with less common sense might interpret his statement as making LaHood opposed to charities. Remember the library referendum? How could public figures not say no when asked if they support libraries. It would be interpreted as one’s being opposed to education. More on that subject later. Better yet, go into my archives of a few months ago on the library referendum.

Luciano says that “Pragmatically, his (LaHoods) donations do nothing to affect the race, because they all get the same amount. It’s a wash.” Giving money to be used for the sole purpose of helping his friends; the reporter leaves out the fact that they are all three are his friends. It's not implied that each will use the money to help get them elected in the same manner. Perhaps “Prince” Luciano should spend more time reading the Bible which has a parable about a father giving his sons equal amounts and how the father held them accountable for the use of his gift after a proscribed length of time.

The JS reporter admits that he is not a politician but he believes his “novel” idea in the political world makes no sense at all. He is correct. Some reporters often try to interpret what politicians say so their words make the reporter look smart and the politician dumb.

This reporter made the front page of the B section in today’s JS commenting on letters he received supporting Shawnterya, the one with the pink braids. (did I spell her name correctly?) Hope you read and respect Bill Cosby, Juan Williams and Ward Connerly (all blacks who have become very successful in trying to keep this a great nation) who tell of their first hand knowledge of what is happening and who is abetting the accelerating decline of our great nation.

Luciano says “of the hundreds of responses on this story, few supported the school. Maybe the school district will some day stop hiding and explain its decision.” Maybe Luciano will reveal how many of these letters are from past and present school teacher, principals and other administrators. Especially from the thousands of teachers who have left the profession because rules and codes of conduct were held in contempt by kids and backed up by their “mothers” and some incompetent teachers, principals, boards and administrators. And the school did give him a copy of the code handbook which clearly states their position while they try to educate kids and not hold fashion shows with 10 hour, $100 do’s.

I stand 100% behind Principal Sandy Somogyi and Superintendent Allen Johnson.

But then of course Shawnterya is just a 12 year old kid. Why does my word processor always showing that name coming up green like I'm mis-spelling it?

Read my next blog on “Adult Kids”.

P.S. Hope most of you read the letter printed in the JS on 10/27/07 by my friend Ed C. Murphy, former Peoria Mayor candidate and sports columnist for Senior News. Eddie lays it on pretty heavy but he sure writes many statements that should be pondered and in some cases, more action taken by some of who are doubtful this country is heading in the direction our fathers planned.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea what the hell this blog is about????

Merle Widmer said...

Can you afford a newspaper or a TV set? Better yet, there are a million bloggers.

Read them and stay of this site.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No, I understand (I think) the context of your comments; I just find it difficult to muddle through your stream of consciousness. As far as staying off your site, I have no intention to. Isn't this kind of input what you'd like to hear? I'm interested in your remarks - I'd just suggest some coherence in your writing in order to understand what you're trying to write about.

Merle Widmer said...


I'll try to write better. The fact that I did not take any jounalism courses I realize is no excuse.

Thanks for reading me but be more civil.