Saturday, October 27, 2007

English Language - The Official Language of the United States of America

Our elected officials in DC debate whether English should be America's language. Some of them "should get a life". Some of them should not be reelected if for no other reason than they lack common sense. Some of them are posturing to segments of the electorate. Some are very much afraid to not be "politically correct". Personally, I have disdain for many who fit the categories above.

For those who wish to learn other languages; good, as we need translators and teachers who know more than the English language. If you want to be live here because you like it then learn the English language. If you arrived here legally we are pleased to have you and we can enjoy the benefits you add to our knowledge of other places and other languages. But immediately start taking classes to learn the English language. Knowledge of the the most widely used language where you live or plan to live usually offers the best road to success. That is, unless you are blessed with unusual talent. Then no one cares. Example: being a Rap star or a professional anything from sports to art. The most guaranteed route to success is knowing the common language of the land and the ability to understand it. English is the language we use to communicate in the U.SA..


If people are here illegally; that is a problem which most of our elected officials have failed in their approach to the problem to use common sense and we as INFORMED voters ought to vote them out and vote in people with common sense and some guts.

Some of us who blog may not be as smart as some who are grammatically correct. However, it is proven in the comment sector of this site that some of these "intellects" lack common sense.

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AdamB said...

But immediately start taking classes to learn the English language because it the way to succeed and it is our culture and the way we communcate.

Nice sentence.

Obviously if this is true then there is no need to make English the official language because people will learn it anyway for their own benefit. Besides, you've illustrated quite well that someone can consider himself "successful" without a full grasp of the Queen's English.

Period! Exclamation point!