Friday, May 18, 2007


Actually, I have quite a few attorney acquaintances that are very capable. But when I see what some tort attorneys do, my blood boils. Like soliciting clients who never had a health problem until the tort called them. Think asbestos, Vioxx, Celebrex and diving boards to name a very few.

There are other types of lawyers I don’t like. A man by the name of B.J. Khalifah wrote in the WSJ last week that he felt the “three attorneys that represented the Duke students did a good job. The lawyers, who caused the problem, Mike Nifong and his six subordinates, deserve ridicule and reprimand. If lawyers cause problems, then, of course, it takes lawyers to fix the problems.

The general construction of a lawsuit of any nature goes like this: A problem arises. Lawyers get involved. Gasoline is thrown on the fire by the lawyers. Huge sums of money are required to keep the flames and tempers burning on both sides. When someone runs out of gasoline or money a “settlement” is forthcoming and then things cool down.”

Well said, B.J.

Being an attorney is about the only business where you can’t lose unless you’re stupid and arrogant as Nifong. Still you can bet he is drawing his full salary and will leave with all the benefits of the public sector. When he is voted out of office, he could become lead counsel for another Enron or World Com.

Don’t be offended, my lawyer friends, I know you are just doing your job. Besides, I may need you one day but please don’t tell me when I call and tell you my neighbor (long departed) threatened to remove my head in several imaginative ways, to do nothing and it will all blow over because the JS would make you the guilty one.

I didn’t and the JS did.

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