Friday, May 25, 2007

Peoria Park Board

I’m very pleased that Karrie and Sara did get back $27,000 of their expenses to stop the “country club” from doing business as a private entity. By the Peoria Park District settling out of court, the PPD did save more taxpayers money going into the pockets of attorneys and the continuing costs of having personnel involved in helping the PPD to continue this charade. The PPD had already spent in excess of $60,000.00 in attorney fees in defending themselves. So the taxpayer is on the hook for over $87,000.00 plus employee’s time spent to defend themselves for actions of their own doings.

The experienced Board Secretary and her assistant; the Assistant Secretary to the Board is also the Administrator (??) still have their jobs. This is $87,000.00 less to help cover their continuing losses at the RiverPlex, which, by the way, was supposed to have made $1,400,000.00 in excess over expenditures by now. Instead, the RiverPlex has cumulative losses in excess of $8,000,000,000.00 through 2006.Add into this all the business they have taken away from the taxpaying private sector.

Check my previous blogs for the address to send your most appreciated donations. These donations will never be enough to cover their stress and time and energy spent on behalf of you, the taxpayer.

Thanks, Karrie and Sara.

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