Friday, May 20, 2005

Trails and Possible Trials

I continue to question leadership in this community and had more cause to do so when I read the article in the JS about allegations about the Gibson’s who are attempting to or already have sold the city on giving up the current railway for a trail way between Pioneer Park and downtown. In return a new “Kellar Branch” is to be constructed by I believe a Mr. Gibson whose wife may or may not be connected to the ownership of this company. Whose responsibility was it to do a background check on the buyer or buyers??

We have some new leadership. As a citizen of the City of Peoria, I expect less controversy and more solid decisions from my City Council.


pollypeoria said...

I can understand doing a background check on a business for business related questions. (i.e., Better Business Bureau) It is getting to the point that we are suppose to do background checks on everyone/everything. Have you done a background check on the guy who mows your lawn? Your painter? Your mechanic? Background checks aren't the easiest thing to do, and they aren't free. There are privacy issues involved. I wanted to do a criminal background check on a creepy neighbor, and guess what, not possible. I can forgive City Council for not knowing this businessman was scum. Unless they work with children or have some other vulnerabilty, I don't think it is feasible for City Hall to do a criminal background check on every vendor/business. Now that they do know, they have a responsibilty to take their business elsewhere.

Merle Widmer said...

You got everthing right except I, when signing a contract, am not spending taxpayer money. If I make a mistake in dealing sith someone whose backgroung I have not checked it is my personal loss, not yours!!

This rail way to trail discusion has been widely publicized. City staff has an obligation to do some background checking before signing a contract that involves the electorate and taxpayer.