Friday, May 20, 2005

Promoting Mediocrity

Skipping tests because you carried a “C” average and missed 5 or less days a year? Board member Aaron Schock of Dist. #150, is quoted by Phil Luciano of the JS as follows “I assure you that the students I have come in contact with have all expressed their support for this policy”. Sure and so would I if I were a high school student.

Problem is Mr.Shock is not a student but was elected to be a leader. Leaders who let those being taught do the teaching seems to be the major reason for the decline of values and respect in this country. Morally corrupt Hollywood seems to be the only leaders many juveniles and adults respect these days. (More on the corruption of our citizenry by elite Hollywood in the future).

I can’t say it better than Luciano said it today in the JS. A call to School Board member Mary Spangler confirms that she supports Board Member Matheson position in that the current system of mediocrity is wrong. I expect the other board members should make their position on this issue public.

Question is what past or present board members started this move to further destroy the ability of District 150 to turn out more kids who are not afraid of a challenge?

This system of rewarding people for “showing up” with a “C” average is fairly common in major industries according to Mr. Schock. I don’t agree. Maybe a few in the public sector but not many in the private sector where competent employees are expected to be at work every day if able to do so to help their companies turn a profit to stay in business.

One positive that competition teaches one is that you may do well in the regular schedule but all along the coach should be teaching you how to win in the tournaments. To avoid year end tests might indicate that you are afraid of competition. As a “C” student or mediocre athlete, I might be afraid also. But fear would never keep me from competing!!

It is a constant national concern that the media discourages competent and proven leaders to run for public office. Peoria Public Schools have suffered for a long time by electing some vocal, (as well as popular) well meaning but basically incompetent board members. The situation we are in now did not develop overnight nor can all the blame be put on the families and teachers as many wish to do.

The failure of any “body” to perform well above a “C” average can almost always be traced to the lack of competent leadership!!


pollypeoria said...

WHERE DID ALL THE GROWN UPS GO?! Do these adminstrators, teachers, parents, students think that finals are optional in college? In life? I don't know what Schock is talking about when he says this is done in the corporate world. Showing up for work gets you a pay check. Excessive absences gets you fired. Showing up everyday will not get you out of overtime, a big presentation, a trial, an inspection, etc. I'm not sure Schock is even old enough to shave, but he should try adulthood long enough to realize he is hurting these kids.

Merle Widmer said...

Aarons come a long way. He needs to realize he has a LONG way to go and he will not be able to do justice to both elected positions or he may wind up with neither position.