Friday, May 20, 2005

Bias and Stupidity

Newsweek, the reporter who wrote the story and Editor Mark Whitaker are directly responsible for killing innocent people. I refuse to look at a Newsweek magazine and when I see one in an office I visit, I will ask if I can trash it. Both the Editor and the reporter should be fired. (Even if the act was done by some stupid person, why is this act more despicable than the beheading and blowing up of innocent people by the same savages I see running in the streets of the Middle East)?

In a “letter to the editors” in the WSJ, Richard Reay of Riverdale, N.Y. writes “What’s happening in journalism is an insidious “breeding” problem whereby those who resent authority-except their own, of course, are recognized and rewarded in ever increasing numbers by their like minded mentors and peers. No, this isn’t just a generational phenomenon or a vestige of the protest movement. There’s more deep-rooted animus at work here and it probably has to do with an innate resistance to normative values that is endemic to undisciplined, self-centered people-even antagonistic, vengeful personalities”.

Where is all this hate being “bred”? In our extremely liberal colleges where a large number of the professors (those who are described above) are registered “bleeding” liberal Democrats. My Democrat friends fortunately were not brainwashed in college. I don’t ask my friends to agree with everything the Republicans do; I too am often crossways with many of the actions of my party. However, these Democrats I consider as friends would not do or say anything to endanger the life of any citizen here or abroad.

In an article dated 6/7/04 published in Forbes Magazine by James D. Miller, Professor of Economics at Smith College, I quote “To give you an idea of the political atmosphere on campus, in October 2002 several faculty members sent a petition to the president objecting to an invitation to Ann Coulter, the conservative pundit, to speak on campus. No one objected, however, when a porn star gave a how-to talk at Smith on anal sex.

The only college I support at this time is Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, a college that is not dependent on governmental subsidies and the professors teach as teachers taught when I was in college; without bias towards any. Many of you would be surprised and shocked if you knew what some of these professors are teaching your kids. (Remember, I told you of the Bradley professor who teaches his students that there are no truths and any action could be justified)?

Miller goes on to say “Very few Republicans, let alone conservatives, teach at American colleges. A 2001 poll of 151 professors at Ivy League universities found that only 3% considered themselves Republicans while 57% said the were Democrats”. Miller says that “many teachers start their classes by assuming that America is racist, sexist and homophobic”.

If you are a citizen of this country you have a right to criticize actions of our leaders. You do not have the right to incite our enemies to take the lives of any of your fellow citizens.

There is a horrible undermining of our troops in foreign countries by people who claim to know more than you and I and by run-amok journalists, most of who could not make an honest living if it weren’t for the media desperately trying to hold their readers by sensationalism. As time goes on more and more people will depend on bloggers for the truth and less and less on the bias and sensationalism of traditional media.

Today, I see where someone sneaked a picture of Saddam in his shorts and some sensationalists thought it should be on the front cove of a magazine. Because of these actions, there will be deaths of innocent people. This act goes beyond stupidity. Hardly a word is being said by the biased media about the hundreds of thousands of deaths this man is responsible for. The best picture on the front page of any media would be a picture of him in his grave. Only in a weak America could things so stupid be publicized. I am ashamed of the actions of many in the media and feel sad about what I see is a decline of this once great nation. Those of you who disagree and say that this is still a great nation had better open your mouths, improve on your penmanship, and encourage and support the best leadership available because whether you see it or not, Hollywood and the permissive lifestyle it spreads around the world (More than half of the films produced by Hollywood are shipped overseas) influence people like the fundamentalists and terrorists to believe what they see, hear and read, represents society in America. No wonder they hate us).

We appear to have created large gaps between sectors of our society. I hope it doesn’t take an act worse than 9/11 to bring us back together. It is past time for the sensible silent majority to become more visible.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, the Americans didn't actually put Saddam on the cover in his shorts...the British did.

I am completely on your side in this argument. The media is VERY liberal. Just take a poll here in town and the Dems would outweigh the GOP 5 to 1 (trust me, I know...I'm the 1)...and that's not a very fair representation of the people of this community when you see all of our elected representatives are Republicans minus George Shadid and our Senators which were elected by the Chicago machine.

It's frustrating as hell to be assigned to another story because of it's liberal nature...but do you see ANYONE in this city reporting on the Governor?......