Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Elderly Bilking??

A woman in her mid eighties, who I have known all my life, believes she was bilked by a person she thought she could trust. She signed a one page document transferring approximately $100,000.00 worth of antiques to this local antique auctioneer. She alleges he was to hold a three day sale of her product. She alleges this auctioneer did not do what he told her he would do and she received a check for only 14% of what she thought she would receive in proceeds of the auction. At any rate, she feels she was bilked. She also realizes that she trusted this man too much, should have gotten more in writing from this auctioneer and that she should have put a minimum bid that she would accept on each item. She trusted that he was aware of the value of the items he auctioned off and should not have sold them at such low prices.

As a word of warning to anyone with valuable items; do not give your valuable property to anyone without having your attorney draw up a contract between you and the receiver. In my friends case, it is too late but not for others.

If anyone in the Peoria area has had a similar experience with a local auctioneer, you may call me and providing you give me proper identification I will put you in touch with my friend who feels she was bilked and she can tell you her story.

In the meantime someone is being “ripped” off every few hours as Sheriff McCoy or our States Attorney Kevin Lyon will tell you. Almost always these bilkers are operating on the edge of legality but certainly not morally. It’s good to trust but “verify”.

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Chase Ingersoll said...

Merle: How many attorneys and judges, knew that this guy was drunkenly representing clients for all of those years, yet did nothing, when the rules of professional responsibility REQUIRED that they turn this guy in. I guess there is just a lot you can get away with when you are liked and are the son of a politician.