Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Common sense: Have we lost it??

I recently wrote about parasitic plaintiff lawyers who, if they are not restrained, have a good chance of shutting down medical research. They are already causing many good doctors to close their practices, move out of state, accept no new patients, cause many additional tests to be run on the patient that cause ever rising medical costs.

Scare tactics have caused many people to stop using drugs that were benefiting them and at the same time saw the value of their mutual funds or stock portfolios severely impacted by the sell off by worried investors. So in many cases the user and the investors, who are often one and the same, lose both in medical relief and their investments.

The liability issues and scare tactics are causing people to become confused and causing everyone connected to the medical health industry to “cover their butts” at a tremendous cost both in dollars and lives. We long ago were told that any drug used without the doctors full knowledge of what other drugs you are taking and without full disclosure of other medical problems you have had or are having, could cause usually reliable medicine to cause severe health problems, even your death. Recommended dosage quantities are often abused and warning labels ignored. Many people abuse our superior medical system and can easily find a vulture lawyer to file a lawsuit or join in a class action lawsuit, against someone or everybody, knowing that most defendants will settle out of court, rather than be tried by a vindictive or crooked judge or an unstable jury.

When you have vulture attorneys advertising for plaintiffs, plenty of people who want to blame everyone but themselves for their health problems are only to happy to file a claim knowing it won’t cost them any money if they lose. Until laws are passed making the plaintiff responsible for all court and legal costs if the charges are proven unfounded, we can continue to see all medical costs escalate and lives lost because of a lack of qualified doctors in their communities and expensive research will no longer be conducted by the pharmaceutical industry.

The back cover of the March 7, 2005 issue of U.S. News and World Report states that the “trial lawyers’ next cash cow is lawsuits filed in behalf of obese people. 89% of Americans think obesity lawsuits are ridiculous and 86% believe that parents are responsible for their kids’ choices. Now trial lawyers want to force THEIR choices on 100% of us.”

You can learn more about the erosion of common sense by logging on to

People believe they have rights without responsibility. As more and more people adopt this attitude, expect this nation to start sliding backward if it already has not done so.

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