Sunday, August 08, 2004

More conceptions

Conceptions – The dictionary defines “conceptions” as “the sum of a person’s ideas and beliefs concerning something.” On August 7, I listened to Representative Dave Leitch give about 45 Republicans his belief that the community should bail the Pere Marquette Hotel out of its most recent financial quandary. Not everyone in attendance was in agreement. His comments about the city’s financial role in this bailout & the obvious benefits to Caterpillar were strongly endorsed. Not everyone in attendance was in agreement with Dave including one potential mayoral candidate. Listen to what our new City Council & Mayoral candidates are saying about your tax dollars financing failing private industry that competes against struggling existing businesses. In a letter to the Editor several years ago, I wrote about the slow slide to total socialism growing in our country. The city fathers may already spent over $50,000,000 of mainly taxpayer dollars in the Downtown area with limited results, with a LOT more to be spent on the new Museum & the Civic center expansion. Take another look at your property tax and see where your dollars are being spent & by whom.

Also, a representative speaking for Ray Lahood, strongly endorsed fairly far right & carpetbagger, Allan Keyes, a citizen of, I believe, from the “great State of Maryland” . Again, not all Republicans agreed, privately asking why the “great State of Illinois didn’t have anyone qualified to run for Senate?” If Keyes is elected in Illinois, maybe he’ll wind up in New York running against Hillary when she announces for the Presidency in 2008. By then, surely the party will find someone who is not afraid to have some of his or her background exposed. Since today is Sunday & I’m heading to help my brother celebrate his 90th birthday, I’ll leave you with this thought - WHEN ENOUGH BUREAUCRATIC PRESTIGE HAS BEEN INVESTED IN A PROJECT OR A POLICY, IT IS EASIER TO SEE IT FAIL, THEN ABANDON IT.

Talk to you later.

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Anonymous said...

Many states are using a tool known as the "Historic Tax" credit to stimulate downtown revitalization. Look to Missouri one of your nearest neighbors to see the success in new development and economic growth through out the state via Historic Tax Credits. It might be time for Illinois Legislatures to get out of Chicago politics and take advantage of a unique tool that will allow communities like Peoria begin to bring effective solutions for our historic downtown districts (ie. the Pere Marquette Hotel).