Monday, September 24, 2018

Kavanaugh - Even the Dumbest Among Us Should See What the Democrats Are Trying To Do So Late In the Game

The world has changed. Charged is now guilty. It took me seven months to clear my name and 4 years to have the charge sealed by the State of Florida. If I was running a business or running for office, I would have been DOA.

What a shame. Expect more men to hook up with men. Warn your young sons to avoid 3/MS girls. If you rise to power and you have shunned them or of opposite political party or they decide they don't like you, expect to be charged for 'something' in your distant past..

Or in a not friendly divorce as an acquaintance of mine who spent 5 years of  his life in prison before a 'common' sense Judge over ruled the sentence and set him free. The Judge called it the "worst mis-carriage of justice he had ever reviewed.

Have you noticed that the number of black women charging men is far less than their population of approximately 18%?

Interesting, no??

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