Thursday, September 27, 2018

Blasey Said

they pushed her in a room and locked the door. Question - if door door was locked how did she walk out so easily and down the stairs?

 Also, she said she had only one beer. 14 years old? Who bought her the beer??? All people arrested on DUI ALWAYS LIE about how many drinks they had.

Also, she said another woman was in the room. Why didn't that other 'woman, her friend, who NOW wants to testify, call for help??

Democrats are trying to gain more women's votes by not asking many questions but 'politiziing.

Published at 1:45.Watched until 4:00 A.M. on C-span.

All people lie. She had the 'incident' rolling around in her head for 37 years. Why did she then need a 'sleaze bag' lawyer sitting beside her to prompt her?? One piece swim suit to a house where she knew a party wouod happen later on. Plus why did she lay on the bed on her hack. Thrown on the bed without scratching and screaming.??

I have a farm on Manhattan Island to sell to those believe he said, she said, who believe she was 'tellling a whole story.

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