Friday, September 14, 2018

Democrats Leadership Has No Depth To Their Dirtiness

One can only guess how much lower they can go. Feinstein waits until near the Kavanaugh vote to 'reveal lettter' she received from an unidentified Democrat making false claims from 35 years ago.

If you are a Democrat, how can much longer can you 'hold' your nose as Democrat Alan Mayer said when he voted for me for Vice-Chairman of the Peoria County Board. Alan is one of the prime 'wreckers' of the Peoria County Board's budget while I was always an Independent Republican working for the best for ALL people in the County.

Independent because of the weakness of the Peoria Republican Central Committee. Same for Illinois and the National Committee. At least most Republicans have common sense. Note I say MOST. It was deceased John McCain and people like Rep/Dem Ray LaHood who killed the Obama Care reform bill. While Ray didn't vote, he was a Trump hater and Obama/Clinton lover most of his political career.

However, Darin LaHood has my support and if his followers can drop off a few signs,  I can get them strategically placed.

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