Thursday, September 20, 2018

55 Protesters Arrested After Swarming Congress - Raise the Bond To $50,000 and keep Them In Jail

This sexual harassment thing has gone way too far. 35 years later this Socialist Democrat 'Profeessor' comes out of the woodwork supposedly months ago and gives her story to another Socialist Democrat named Feinstien who held this 'information' until the Kavanaugh vote was days away

Those who are killing this country are driving it to a DICTATORSHIP at which point sexual harassment will be clearly defined and those making claims that can't be quickly proven will disappear never to be seen again by their families.

Someone inform me if these protesters who have only heard the claim and put the accused and his family in a horrible situation if these protesters come to Peoria.

Hear she was drunk as a skunk, no insult to the skunk, and why was she alone at an supposedly unsupervised high school party? Where were her friends?

Many years ago a friend of mine was harassed by a guy who thought he was a bigshot. When he tried to pull this crippled girl on the dance floor, I knocked him on his ass. He said he would sue me. After about 55 years has elapsed, I am still waiting for him to sue.

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