Saturday, September 22, 2018

Immiigration - Enough Of This Left Leaning Liberal Democrat BS

People from many countries fleeing 'because of gang violence' to enter the U.S.A. ILLEGALLY. These lowlifes "journalists" including Peoria, Il. where gang violence is rampant, constantly write and call ILLEGALS immigrants.

President Trump has ALWAYS said he not opposed to LEGAL  emigration but he "wants  more through screening to stop more gang members from entering this country" (we have about as many gangs as schools here now) and to prevent more terrorists or potential terrorists (we have enough here now, most laying in wait while this country crumbles) from mingling in with the truly oppressed.

The majority of those seeking to enter this 'land of milk and honey' know about our great compassion and our welfare system -  where they will need neither the skill nor ambition but will always be protected by the OVER compassionate citizenry (mainly Democrats) and will always have food clothes heat and air-conditioning and a roof that doesn't leak over their heads.

Democrat leaders, a pot full of hypocrisy, say the more that enter here, by 'hook or crook', will eventually vote Democrat.

They do not look forward to what the future will bring if Democrats control the Presidency and both Houses, Demos and their journalist hacks speak of chaos. They have yet to see chaos once they are in total power.

So really sad.

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