Tuesday, April 10, 2018

PBS - A Left-Wing Democrat Propaganda Media Hates Trump and Most Trump Republicans

The Documentary run on PBS tonight was tailored to make Trump look and act like an idiot. Similair to most 'intellectual' PBS commentators.The key points in the Documentary was to try to convince the viewer that Trump didn't know what was in the bill to replace ObamaCare.

One of the most infamous comments made by Democrat leadership when ObamaCare was passed, was "let's pass the bill. We can find out what all is in it later".

No President would ever know all the details of a massive bill. That's why this President depended on Ryan; who worked on the bill for years, and McConnell who had spent 30 years in D.C. politics plus the President's battery of advisers, to compose a bill that would have the KEY points that Trump believed would make health coverage better and less costly. That it failed to pass the Senate because of the rancor of hate that McCain has for Trump; the hate justified but McCain's revenge was not.

That at least one major change; no penalty for young people who don't have health insurance, was downplayed in the documentary.

Since January 1, 2017 rhe theme of  dissident politicians and the left-wing major medias has been "let's stop Donald Trump from bettering this country".

So sad.

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