Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Paul Theroux, Author of "Deep South"

Paul Theroux - "Deep South" A Book For All Who Only 'Travel' Through But Never 'Visit'

All of author and humanist Paul Theroux books are informative reads. In this book, he details the 'real' South, the extreme poverty in small towns, how they cope, why the U.S.A. government and Foundations like the Clinton Foundation send billions of dollars to Africa and little to or no help to the small towns in the US.A.that were devastated by the cheaper imports from Mexico,China, India, etc. (Trump is so right)

His 18 months visits with what he calls the 'real' people of Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas has opened my eyes and helped me change some of my views on poverty, it's causes and how really poor people try to lead a meaningful life. If I were younger and had read books like 'Deep South' earlier, I would travel the areas he traveled instead of heading to Florida and it's weather and beaches.

I would also suggest that some of the so called 'leaders' of poverty and discrimination groups spend more time in helping these often helpless people with their hands anbd money instead of their mouths and writings.

Too late for me and reading books too late that are non-fiction describing deep poverty far worse than the poverty of the city in which I live. I am very much aware of poverty in Peoria.; it's causes, solutions and attempts at solutions. Read my blogs on "Poverty" and "Poverty Revisited".


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