Monday, April 16, 2018

Militant Balcks Set Up StarBuck Employees - Starbuck Stock Price Go Up

Militant blacks set up this scenario. The black men were loitering and after loitering time was up, they were asked to leave. When they refused, the cops were called.

Had these been 2 whites loitering and were asked to leave and didn't, Starbucks would have taken the same actions. Nothing would have happened if the blacks would have left when the police arrived.

When the police arrived, they still wouldn't leave so the police had no choice but to handcuff them and haul them to where they belonged. JAIL.Sensible people without an agenda would have also left the premises when they heard the police were on their way.

All of this was staged, Bullhorns, printed signs, and plenty of militant blacks on hand to "create a scene".

If StarBucks opens lower tomorrow AM, I will be a buyer. I, like many of my friends and acquaintances are getting weary of these militants making it harder for the sensible blacks, a majority by far, to rise up in status in this country.

I personally, would like to see these militants of which I have met VERY few, to return to their ancestors roots and take their ilk with them.


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