Monday, March 12, 2018

Higher Import Tariffs' Raising Prices To the Consumers?

I have some suggested ideas to offset the possible consumer costs:

#1 - Consume less booze and soft drinks - neither help you lead a longer and more productive life plus ALL soft drinks add to body weight. So does beer. 16,000 deaths vehicle deaths were alcohol related.

#2 - It is claimed that the steel tariff would raise the cost of a $40,000 car by $200 since cars are using more and more plastic. Buy a slighter cheaper car or keep your old car one year longer. No point in 'keeping up with the Jones, because one can't'.

#3 - Marry a wife or a husband that can cook. Grocery store purchases are much cheaper than eating out. Or eat out one night less a week.

#4 - Keep your old anythings including TV's, laptops, Ipods, clothes, or CP's one year longer.

#5 - Consolidate your driving. Some people shop everyday. My Mom shopped for groceries once a week.

#6 - The Biggie. Stop stupidly spending your money on lotteries, video machines and Casinos. They are set up to win the most money by far, not you.

And I've  overlooked at lot other solutions but some I must mention is to cut down on your use of prescription drugs, illegals drugs and your smoking habits.

There, see how easy it is so stop your complaining. Don't like the way the politicians are running our governments? Run for office. I did. Elected at age 75 and retired at 85. I'm nearing 93 and look forward to every day I get up in the morning. And, no, I've never been convicted of anything worse than a traffic violation. And never will.


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