Monday, March 12, 2018

Illinois Policy Institute Major 2018 Goals

#1 -  Give Right to Work protection to every government employee in not only Illinois but in the nation. 28 states already have laws that protect the government workers from undue union coercion.

#2 - Give Illinois homeowners relief with comprehensive property tax reforms. Our current system drives property owners out of Illinois, wreaks  hardships on middle class families,  and reduces our census while other states increase their populations.

#3 - Advance structural spending. What solutions are needed? Real, structural reforms on critical issues such as pensions, Workmen's Compensation, Medicaid and higher education as well as property taxes. The current budget has none of those urgently needed reforms.

#4 - Defend Illinois taxpayers by enacting collective bargaining reform. To compete with other states and keep people from fleeing the state - it must reduce the high cost of living that drives them away. And one of the biggest drivers of the state's high cost of living in Illinois' unfair collective bargainer laws.All of Illinois' neighboring states - Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan have already enacted the following reforms: Strike prohibition for most or all government employees, Limits on the subjects that can be negotiated during bargaining, limits on contract length and worker freedom provisions.

#5 - Advance criminal justice reform to expand opportunity across Illinois. Our systems are totally out of date and provisions mus t be provided to lower the recidivsion rate of ex-offenders.

This is just a synopsis of what the IPI is expanding their efforts to make Illinois a better place to live.

To get the full eight page report, contact the Illinois Policy Institute at 190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1500 Chicago, Il. 60603 or

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