Wednesday, February 07, 2018

JS Fake News To Make President Trump Look Bad

The gist of the headline of the article about Trump's infrastructure bill, stated "that the costs would be borne by the individual states". That is incorrect. The article says that "THE FUNDING WOULD COME FROM THE STATES. The JS, like all Trump hating medias,  left out the word 'MUCH' in the headline.

The JS headline made it look like ALL of the costs would be borne by the states. Any idiot knows that the Federal Government is not going to totally fund infrastructure costs in ANY state.

Why should they???

One word, added or left out,  can change an entire article such as Matt Buedel in an attack on me added an UPSTAIRS to my RANCH  house home. His successful attempt of adding that one word was to further distort the truth.

Recently, the JS printed a comment that ended in "good bless America". Was his an attempt to discredit this country or a proof reading failure by Mike Bailey, who edits all comments.

The JS and the CW are experts at distortion.

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