Monday, January 08, 2018

Equality - All People Are Equal Under the Right of Law and the Enforcement Thereof

That's where it ends and the ways of the Democratic world have USUALLY PROVED this statement to be true. Whether the laws are always enforced remains to judges and juries. Unfortunately, enforcement is not always equal. For those who feel they are above the law, if properly enforced, (which includes arrests and CONVICTION) are not to be idolized. Unfortunately they are IDOLIZED far too many times.

Look no further than Hollywood fiction and non-fiction performers and producers who mostly set a terribly wrong example to youth and those older.. Read, "Ava Gardner, The Secret Conversation", by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner and written in 2013 or many of the non-fiction books written by Peter Evans

Or re-read. "To Kill a Mockingbird"  by Harper Lee. written in

Equal Opportunity? Yes and no. Anyone who doesn't want to learn by studying, listening and reading different viewpoints, has the OPPORTUNITY to be President, Governor or leader, regardless of gender or ethnic group, for things of value, but they will seldom succeed if their efforts are based mainlyon ethnics, gender or collegiate degree.

Equal opportunity is being taught wrongly by most who teach and by leaders of many ethnic groups. Equal opportunity as interpreted by our Constitution, is to be earned, not because of gender or ethnic group.

The situation with a majority of our educational groups, is a sad situation. Those "progressives" are failing in their efforts to teach how to think.therefore mpost cmmon sense is ignored in their teachings.

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