Thursday, October 12, 2017

Peoria Public School Board - Only 2 Members Get it Right - Check More Closely On What Carl & Sherry Cannon Are Teaching.

When the school board vote 5-2 to give Carl Cannon another $65,000 dollar amount to continue or expand his "teaching" of his Elite Group of students at another tax funded PPS school, only 2 board members voted to FIRST find out some results of the previous hundred's of thousands they have given him over the past decades. Five board members didn't care. NONE of them pay substantial property taxes so it's really not their money. I am calling for an investigation by the JS or a neutral group of the Cannon's programs. His wife Sherry handles youth programs for the Elite Group. Sherry Cannon is a hard left Democrat/Socialist/Marxist. She must have a great influence of what goes on with the Elite Group led by her husband. With 7 black homicides and a hundred wounded so far this year, perhaps Carl should write about his eff forts to stem the rising tide of violence mainly black on black. More on Sherry Cannon tonight.

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