Monday, October 23, 2017

He Said - She Said - Who has the Most To Gain? - Not the One At the Top But the "Bottom" Suckers?'

Usually, not always of course, the "liar" is the one at the bottom attacking the ones at the top. Not enough honest reporters and especially the left-wing mainstream media for the public to believe any ones story.

Weinstein was a Democrat. I KNOW  that it is unusual for the media to attack a Democrat "higher-upper". To compare Trump with Hollywood's "anyway or anything goes (probably 50% made it on their backs or other positions) - consensual) to get on film or in the gossip columns".

Lying is learned VERY early in life. That is one reason we do not have nearly enough teachers in the public school systems. "My teacher made me do this, my teacher "picks" on me, my teacher doesn't like me, etc"  Mama is quick to be heading for the Principals Office or on the phone totally believing what her "precious" told her.

Another reason why we have so few honest leaders and politicians. They learned early in life to lie  and how to get "away" with at first, small lies.

There are times, to lie or protect someones butt or the system they represent, recordings on tape can be altered. Perhaps that is why the process of DELETING my only ever arrest record, traffic tickets, yes, is underway. By February or March as the system is backlogged.  Thirty nine months after appearing before a Judge who declined to find me guilty of anything but maybe my 5 second wrong judgment at the age of 88.

Most of my readers will not be alive by age 88.

Sorry, but statistics both on age any learning to lie by the innocent age of 2-3. Unfortunately, we are in an period of time where most of society believe that kids can do no wrong while once they are men (and some women) no matter their station in life, are guilty by accusation.

So sad.

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