Monday, October 23, 2017

Skin Cancer "Free" Clinics - Suggest, if Diagnosed, One Should Get a Second Opinion

I have never had skin Cancer; just prostate and bladder (twice) but I have attended free skin cancer detection clinics. I'm sure many who attended these free clinics were properly diagnosed. In my case, 15 or more years ago, the doctor circled three spots on his chart and told me to get an appointment with his office.I declined remembering a previous experience forty or so years ago, I decided to just "keep an eye" on these reddish spots.

I'm still watching them. They are on my face and only one person, my daughter said I should have  "it" checked out. It wasn't the ones the doctor circled and none of these spots at my age of 92 are now noticeable.But I still keep "watching".

Just a thought that those of you who think doctors are infallible might want to get a "second" opinion.

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