Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Vice-President Pence - You Are So Right

You support the president because there are hate groups of all colurs or colors, in this once great country. And many of them would like to take this country down. There "leaders" may have walls covered with degrees, (easy to get these days if you stay in school long enough) but their lack of reasoning and common sense flew out the window of many of their brains (remember the Churchill nutcase from Colorado?),  long before their first gradation.

Did people forget how the Japanese were incarcerated all through WW2. Why weren't the Germans, Italians and Russians??? Was it because we hated them.? Of course, but we could always pass it off as we didn't trust them.  Ha.

You have hate groups that hate Wall Street, the building of the Wall, very wealthy people, fossil fuel producers, unions, lawyers, stock brokers, white people (example is Black Lives Matter), the American Indians, etc.

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