Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Traveler Weekly Has Become a Communist /Race-Baiting Newspaper?

Recent praise of Race-Baiting Rev. Jeremiah A.Wright on the front page of this Black Newspaper. Speaking and receiving multiple standing ovations as he spoke at Saint Sabina Church's Seven. Rev. Wright said. "Jesus did not submit to the oppression of his haters" (whites like Trump).

Recently the Traveler ran a front page article praising Berkeley's Dr. Cornel West. Our black community needs better leaders for the growing problem of uneducated, unemployed and unemployable youths.

Sheriff McCoy once told me that if he could remove from Peoria about 200 consistent trouble makers, this community would a lot better place to live. Maybe that is another reason he moved to Washington. It couldn't be done as one replaced another.


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