Friday, August 04, 2017

Polls Supposedly Show Other Countries Do Not Like Us Like They Did Under the Muslim and His Wife

Of  course not, Only fools representing the mainstream left-leaning media can't figure out why. Past administrations have sold a lt less to other countries than we bought from them. Trump wants to change this sorry situation for the same basic reasons, this country has pulled out of the Paris Accord.

Don't let the polls confuse Trump believers. 50% are sore loser Democrats, 20% aren't registered voters or who didn't vote in the last Presidential election and are not very deep thinkers (think of the readers of the all the Peoria Journal Star hard left journalists like Milbanks, Parker, Nowland, Pitts, Dionne and even Ray LaHood who could never have  been called an intellect. And the JSEB who gets almost all but local news from the left-wing Democrat Washington Post, the hateful AP and occasionally from other Democrat News.

ALL polls are slanted and seldom true. Trump is not running a "popularity contest'. He is the man.  even though a little thin-skinned. Most of us would react the same way when viciously attacked by our inferiors.

Eventually, the truth will out.

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