Friday, August 04, 2017

Lewd Messages Sent By A Fox Executive to Fox Staffers - By Gosh, What Will We Hear Next

Women are easily upset by the travails of life. So did they receive messages that used the word"fuck" in them? Or "mother-fucker"? These two terms of 'endearment' are often used in movies and sitcoms, on the athletic field, on the street, in board rooms and behind closed doors.Please publish in detail these lewd remarks and what might have led up to these terrible types of lewd messages.

My experience is that women are better at saying lewd thing than are men. Let's have all the details unless of course it is "classified".

By gummy, lay it out their for those of us who can still read and let people who think like I do, be the judges.

Or, if you don't like the atmosphere where you work, get a better job. Or let your BF's or Husbands, support you while you stay home and raise your kids who, of course, will never say a cuss word to anyone unless they are cussing you.

I come from the era of WW2 where women on the assembly lines, learned to cuss like sailors. Opps. PI. So sorry.

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