Monday, August 21, 2017

Peoria Journal Star Equates General Robert E. Lee With the Monster - Hitler

Yes, this 4 Democrat Editorial Board wrote this sheer crap in their Sunday Editorial Page. If you don't subscribe, like myself, you can read their printed words at any library (less than 8 people a day read the JS at Lakeview. How do I know? The reader has to sign for each paper on a daily basis).

The JSEB recently ran the most pathetic and demeaning carton on the Barcelona massacre to go with their daily characterizing with 2nd rate cartoonists.. These guys and one woman, all registered Democrats, are the sorest bunch of losers I have ever encountered. Do i care what they say about me after I am dead? No, and I won't know if they write anything.

That's Ok. I and my daughters, my wife and ex-wife and friends still alive, know that I accomplished far more than I ever expected or was expected from me.

Would they portray L.B. Johnson's Vietnam and Barack Obama' Afghanistan with Hitler??

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