Monday, August 21, 2017

Black Professonal Athletes - Read My Message

Those of you who do not respect the U.S.A.: Move to Rwanda, Somalia, your ancestral roots, or someplace where your TALENTS (athletic) are badly needed. Leave most of your money here because that where it came from, the United States of America. You were given the opportunity to make 100''s of times what an ordinary white worker makes, I'm sure you'll make the same "earnings?" in North Africa.

Time to return to your roots. Those blacks need your help desperately. Goodbye LeBron Kapernickle, Durant, etc. I and many other will NOT miss you but most of Black Africa will welcome your talents.

P.S. I stopped attending professional sports years ago. The last time I paid to see you overpaid people was 37 years ago.

Goodbye and thanks for your understanding that your "roots" need you more than we do.

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