Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ex-Counilwoman Gale Thetford Says "Buy the Water Company"??

There was a "Gale Thetford" who reportedly filed bankruptcy a few years ago. Surely this is not the same person advising the Council to buy something they do not have the money to buy and would need to borrow probably $250 million and pay interest on the "full amount of purchase price" for probably 30 years.

I do not say this is the same Gale Thetford who declared bankruptcy.

Due diligence? The City claimed they did that in 2005 yet last I read the City was being sued for millions of dollars by a group led by Rita Kress and Dianne Oberhelman. If this group wins their "failure of the City to follow through on their due diligence investment", all costs will be born by Peoria City taxpayers.

Some Coujncilpeople think their should be a referendum. The referendum in 2005 failed by 80% against the purchase. In 2005, I posted approximately 7 blogs n the subject. Any Councilperson is welcome to my files. Or they can find them on my blog "search bar".

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