Wednesday, July 05, 2017

War Against Drugs is a LOST Cause

11,555 people murdered in Drug Wars in Mexico in the first FIVE months of 2017. Drug lords control whole states in Mexico. Most customers are in our country. Something is drastically wrong with our leaders, many who use imported drugs themselves. Eradication has FAILED.

I highly suggest that anyone selling of importing drugs be executed ASAP. When I was in Singapore, that was the law. Still successful? I don't know. Worth a try here.  Exception, Marijuana.. Much less dangerous than any other drug available including alcohol. The U.S.A. would be a better place to live. Legalize Marijuana here and tax it. I do not condone the USE OF ANY DRUG. But, like alcohol, Marijuana is widely used illegally even here in Peoria. So is every type of drug ever concocted. Telling young and older not to use drugs has about 0 effect on the user.

We should know by now that when we tell youth NO to sex or drugs they usually disobey. Years ago, I was told by an employee of Planned Parenthood that the largest numbers of pregnant students they assisted, were from a Catholic School.

Ask most any cop (who doesn't use anything worse than Marijuana) or any family that has lost a member thru use, abuse or turf protection killings whether eradication is working or not. The answer will be "NO".Stopping drugs at the borders? Ho, ho, ho.

So sad.

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