Wednesday, July 05, 2017

CNN - Political Fake News Outlet For the Democrats and the Far left

CNN was being raked over on a couple of factual TV Stations tonight but I can not find anything on the internet. If you are a solid fan of this TV News disaster, you and I are very far apart on out political views. If you support the Socialist leaders of "Black Lives Matter', we are even further apart. Sorry, but I am seldom politically correct. Being politically correct has been a long time problem maker that has been a major cause of unrest sweeping the major cities of this country.

The JSEB is holding "informative" meetings warning their audiences to beware of 'fake" news. Kinda like calling "the kettle black". Yes, kettles were usually black when shown in historical settings.

Recently, 27 out of 31 cartoons on the JS Opinion page were derogatory to President Trump. Do they not like him? They HATE him and are doing everything they can to oust him. Recently they said that Trump had ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING to-date. The JSEB says fairness and facts are their specialty. Try to convince them that the better choice was Trump rather than the Clinton Cabal. The editorial board is in adulation of the left leaning Washington Post, the highly prejudiced AP and far left leaning Gene Robinson and Leonard Pitts.

Lot's of luck.


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