Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some Florida Police And Cities Are Too Aggressive In Making Stops And Arrests

The pulling over of a black States Attorney for some alleged license plate registration problem, prompted proper outrage by the people. Some of you may remember that I was arrested in Sarasota by what Jerry Brady, our Peoria States Attorney called "entrapment" where a police officer posing as a prostitute waved me down. Yes, I did listen to her and talked to her but at no time did I touch her, offer her any money nor did she enter my car or room. Four police cars surrounded my stopped car, I was handcuffed behind my back (I was 88 years old), my car impounded, taken to a police holding station where I was fingerprinted, mug shot taken, my body was searched; one male searched me twice and juggled my genitals twice. I was held 3 hours, my cell phone scanned, paid Sarasota $500 for an arrest fee, non-refundable. When I arrived to pick up my car, the business was closed. i took a cab the next morning and paid $185 to get my car out of overnight storage. My hearing was before a Judge in July of 2014, three years ago. He said he would render a decision and let me know. My attorney says he will never rule me guilty of any misdemeanor on the evidence presented to him. But most judges appear to not wanting to over-rule a police arrest. How did my arrest reach Peoria in 2 days? Back in 2002, I sued a Stowell for what I believed was his investment mis-handling of my money. It so happened that Jerry Stowell, who for some reason, left Metamora, where he had been head basketball coach, for an elementary teaching job in the Sarasota area. He forwarded my arrest copy to his brother, arrogant Jim Stowell, who circulated it to 13 different medias in Peoria. CSI still runs my arrest prominently probably because I was a Republican and a media critic. Most people who pay any attention to the medias know they admit to sensationalize any event that involves someone they don't like (Think our President, Donald Trump) All the medias identified me as a "Republican Former County Board Vice-Chairman" but none identified me as the Founder of Widmer Interiors, a reputed now $20 million office planning, designing and selling their products and services all around the country. Back to the black lady and the 2 white police officers that stopped her. i hope the 2 white policemen are suspended without pay and receive more training. As to my arrest, i doubt if I ever get my my reputation nor my $160 back.

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