Monday, July 17, 2017

Public School Air Conditioning

Wonder why so many people are fearful of the future? No it's not Trump and the "follow the Lemmings Democrats" No, it's air conditioning in public school, No, again, that is just a symptom of the present.

No, it;s the way we shield kids against what awaits them in the future. Study with the windows open? No, I forgot. You can't do that because if a kid jumped out the window and bruised a knee, the parent - parents would sue the school. Put up fans? Nope. Got to be conditioning I'm told the LAW says. Play outdoors when the temp is in the nineties? No, Once I was teaching tennis outside at Proctor Center, when an obese woman came out and said it was to hot for the kids and they had to go inside.

Maybe my memory fails but I was raised with NO air conditioning. I was in the service with NO air conditioning. I was in 16 years of school with NO air conditioning. I lived in a condo types or apartments in Macomb, Heyworth, Springfield, East Peoria and Peoria while I was teaching and working. We had no air conditioning at Colusa, Heyworh or McClean. I slept outdoors or in a room out at the Red Barn on N. Galena Road while I was grooming, feeding and cooling Show Horses. I even slept comfortably outdoors at Forrest Park in St. Louis while tending 8 horses 50 feet away.

Please, all you weak public politicians, bureaucrats and board members of all groups, why are you foremost in creating a society were all bad things are ON THE RISE including the number of unemployed youths, increasing number of young people homeless, drug users, crime committers and unmarried pregnant girls?

Far too many "bleeding hearts" I've blogged about for so many years. Hardship for many who really need help? Absolutely, but my, how the line has grown as most government bodies that dish out the welfare (No, my Social Security check is not welfare nor was my GI. Bill of Rights) I paid into and served the my country while the government was supposed to wisely invest my money instead of robing SS to pay OTHER bills and hand out your money to all who requested. Now,this nation is going broke. Need I mention, Illinois,,Maine and Michigan leading the pack.

We've spoiled out kids to  the point of where responsibility is a word they can't even spell. Work? I work, they say. Don't I pick up my clothes once or twice a month. Tend a garden? You kidding? What do you want? I can steal it from the guy next door.

Has anyone considered why community gardens fail? They must, as I don't see any news articles on them lately. Yes, I and hundreds of million others, most now dead, survived into our late 80's and 90' WITHOUT a hundred things rich, middle class and poor, take as an obligation owed them in the past several decades.

This summer if far from over. But bigger problems than lack of skilled workers and the heat lie in the near future. Eventually, you won't be able to blame it on Trump. More blame could go to Lyndon Johnson, wasn't he the one who created "The Great Society" or something like that and lost a war we should never have fought, the Kennedy's, the Clinton's, the Bush clan and absolutely of 8 years of Obama.

A recession lies somewhere up the line. (Repossession of  financed everything starting with vehicles is already here) Do you think this society is prepared/ Thinking of my self and my family.

We believe, we are. Are you?

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